koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

travel day

We got up this morning and finished packing. Brian gets a rolling bag and a laptop case. I get half a rolling bag and my purse. Victoria gets the other half of the rolling bag, a tote bag of plane activities and a duffel bag for school stuff and toys. It's a good thing we're going somewhere warm.

We left the house around 10am and dropped off a library book before we got to the airport. I wore a sweatshirt with a hood, thinking it would be better to wear the bulky thing rather than try to stuff it in a bag. Here's what I learned: take the bulky thing off before walking through security. Otherwise you'll get patted down and your luggage will be poked at. You will have to bid farewell to your toothpaste (too big; I didn't realize we wouldn't be checking bags). We weren't running late so it was not a big problem.

Brian had an A boarding pass while Victoria and I had C boarding passes. Brian sat next to an older couple who had never flown before. They spent the 3 hour 45 minute flight to Phoenix in quiet terror. Victoria chose the aisle seat over sitting next to a stranger, so I sat in between her and a woman who worked for 25 years in Phoenix but had recently taken a job in Columbus and has an 18yo son who's a freshman at ASU. She was divorced a year and a half ago. She and her son drove a U-Haul earlier this month to bring her AZ stuff to the new house. She's in grad school herself. She was nice enough but I was happy when she dozed off for the second half of the flight.

In Phoenix I took a couple of aspirin and walked around the airport while we waited for the next plane. We all had A boarding passes for this leg, so we sat together in companionable silence. It's a short hop to Ontario, CA. As soon as we were outdoors we were struck by an awful smell. Victoria named it right away--it smells like cigarette smoke and poop. I thought it might be part of the crowd of people who were leaving the rental car building as we entered, but it was still there when we walked to our car. We drove to Rancho Cucamonga to spend the night and it smelled the same there. It smells fine inside the hotel. In fact, this is the sweetest Holiday Inn Express I've seen. There's a little sitting room apart from the sleeping room so I don't have to read in the bathroom while people are sleeping. Two tv sets so V and I can watch ice skating while B watches football. Everything here looks pretty new.

Tomorrow we're driving to Indian Wells, where Brian has something to do for a few days. The weather should be nice, I hope it smells ok.

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