koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

New Year, twice the fiber

The next-door neighbors had an open house this afternoon so I had a substantial portion of black-eyed peas there. Then we visited the babysitter (4 visits in 7 days; she's having a rough holiday) and I had even more. She made them into something called cook-up rice, which is a carribbean sort of thing that makes ordinary comestibles irresistable. I could explode at any moment.

Every day so far of our visit to MD has featured beautiful weather. We arrived the night after Christmas, visited friends, and went to sleep. Thursday we hauled wood from the front yard to the back yard and we sorted through Jennifer's closet upstairs to find things to donate. These were clothes and other things that we had stashed up there to keep out of the way--we filled two bags with stuff to donate, another bag of stuff Jennifer wanted to keep, a bag of clothes that are mine, and a bag of things for Victoria. I put the two donation bags in Brian's car and then we girls went to Herndon for a sleepover at Jennifer's place while Brian partied with his old softball team. Who hasn't guessed already what happened next? Of course Brian donated all five bags. We've all been through this before. Gah!

Friday we hauled everyone out to Delaware for Christmas with the Grandparents Maternal. Saturday I kept trying to lure people out for a museum visit, but Victoria was in a foul mood and we never managed to pull that together. We did go to see Enchanted. They might as well have titled it The Victoria Movie. Every element suited her exactly.

Sunday we sat around reading the paper, I took a dampish walk around town, and then we visited Brian's parents to see the Redskins game on their new tv. Woohoo. The kids showed up, too, and Victoria went home with Jennifer for another sleepover. Monday we cleaned more, walked more, accepted the return of a sleep-deprived cranky kid, and went bowling. Duckpins. All you big-ball bowlers are missing a treat, I tell you.

We're going back to OH tomorrow with an eye toward getting Hurricane V back on a schedule we can all live with. There's travel planned for later in the month, but I hope to figure out a way to make it work with less nastiness. Maybe that's my resolution this year. I haven't given the subject much thought.

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