koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Fiddlers Grove

Wow. We just got back last night from a perfect weekend in North Carolina. It took about six hours to get to Union Grove--about halfway there we lost an AC-related belt but the car ran fine without it. Brian planned the whole trip, so we were missing many normally crucial items. The fates smiled on us, however, and there was no significant rain, wind, bugs, cold, etc. the whole time. The campground had flush toilets, my favorite amenity. And there was incredible music everywhere. Every minute. It was amazing.

There were three stages running Saturday and the main stage had performances scheduled from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. Besides that, people were just hanging out at campsites playing fantastic stuff. You could just walk around and eavesdrop to your heart's content. The only thing that would have made it cooler would be if I could play myself.

I had never heard of the Kruger Brothers before but on Friday night they played a set that was a blast; I tried to catch all of their performances after that. They are definitely worth traveling to hear. Another good show was listening to Taylor Dunn play his songs. You've heard his music if you are a Clear Channel country listener; he writes story songs that are picked up by lots of big stars. It's not exactly bluegrass when the words are that important, but it was a nice break on a Sunday morning.

Chris didn't go because he wanted to do prom stuff. Jennifer claimed to be bored out of her skull. Victoria had fun the whole time--there were lots of little kids running around and everyone was kid-friendly. There is a chicken farm right next to the campground. It wasn't smelly at all but very early Saturday morning the roosters went nuts. It was just mad crowing for a very long time. I never sleep very well the first night in a tent, anyway, so I was lying there listening to this batty concert with a faraway banjo filtering in here and there. All of a sudden a cow started bellowing and I couldn't stop laughing. Of course by the next night I was so tired I slept great. I could have slept in a chicken coop at that point.

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