koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

shopping & movies

We went to Easton for the shopping experience. It was fine, not the crowd I would expect the Saturday before Christmas. Back at home we did crafty things and ate, then Victoria went to bed. Chris had wanted to buy DVDs for Brian for Christmas while we were shopping, but I advised against it. We use the library's collection and rarely watch anything twice. So he bought a movie he wanted and we watched it tonight: Superbad. It had its moments but it was clear that Brian and Chris liked watching it a lot more than Clair and I did. Then we started to watch High Noon but the first name we read as the movie started was Tom Skerritt and dang if Brian didn't end up getting some remake. We weren't sitting through that kind of nonsense, so we watched A Day at the Races instead. It had some slow patches. During the ballet segment, Brian told the kids--they were nodding off--to hang in there, that the penis&vagina jokes were all in the second half. They knew better and fell completely asleep shortly thereafter. But us old people enjoyed watching it.

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