koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

travellers from the east

Christopher and his girlfriend arrived this evening. We broke out the giant ham. One of Brian's customers sent him a holiday ham; it came in a huge box of dried ice and as we opened it and figured out what it was I said, "I've never gotten a ham in the mail before," to which Brian replied, "You'll never be able to say that again." So true.

We hardly put a dent in the ham although we ate all night. Might be one of those magic hams.

We made some ornaments, we started a gingerbread house, and then everyone else went to bed. Tomorrow they want to go shopping, bleh, but because I am a fabulous hostess we shall shop. Brian is not a fabulous hostess, so I think I will ask him to go to the library and get a movie while we're out. Sunday afternoon is not planned too well but I'm sure we'll think of something. Clair goes back on Monday, Tuesday we amuse ourselves, and Wednesday Chris will ride back to MD with us. Whee!

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