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As usual, December is full of stuff and, as is usual for December, so is the space behind my nose. I hate hate hate these colds because I can't taste anything. It is maddening. One of my neighbors back when I was a kid never regained his sense of taste after recovering from an accident. His wife told me he could only feel food and that's why he never ate eggs. There was no way they'd come up with to prepare eggs that felt satisfactory. After she told me this I paid some attention to how eggs felt. And now I think of him every time I catch this stupid cold.

Friday was no great loss--we had a Christmas party for local OHVA (our virtual academy) families in the afternoon and then tickets to see The Best Christmas Pageant Ever in the evening, so I decided that would be a good day to use November's Pizza Hut coupon. But Wednesday's food section had a bunch of things I wanted to try (they publish some pretty good recipes) so Saturday I made a pan-roasted pork thing that was billed as a speedy char sui. It looked really good. Felt ok. And today was spiced moroccan chicken with onions and prunes over couscous, along with brussel sprouts with prosciutto. I have to admit that eating cooked prunes might rate even lower than eggs for the taste-deprived, but Brian thought everything was great.

Tomorrow we are meeting with a mom who's trying to start a co-op for handling the non-daily subjects. She's offering to teach Spanish, which would be perfect for us. I wouldn't mind doing art or music, so I hope this idea pans out. Another task for tomorrow is delivering the food we collected at the party to the Mid-Ohio food bank.

Today was warmer and rainy. Our snow couple and their pooch are decidedly droopy. I'm glad I didn't bust my sickly butt shoveling the driveway after our second snow because it all washed away overnight.

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