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Last day of November

Because Victoria is participating in Pizza Hut's Book It! program, I am well aware of the days remaining in the current month. She reads a book and colors in a day on a calendar; at the end of a month she gets a coupon for a pizza. Hooray? Fortunately, the program only runs through March.

November went fast! I am not sorry to say good-bye to posting every day. Turns out I don't have something interesting happen to me every day. How about that? For instance, today the things that happened to me were laundry, trash day, Jennifer appreciation moment, the return of Brian, artichoke risotto*, and a walk around the neighborhood after dark to check out Christmas lights. Truth is, that's a pretty nice day but it's not much to write about. I guess I could tell you a little about Evel Knievel and me.

That won't take long: in fourth grade, my teacher told me I looked like him. Her bulletin board displayed the mini-poster from a Weekly Reader of Evel in a wide stance with his hands on his hips and I had admired it many times. I believed her and spent a lot of time copying that pose and his cool expression. That's all I had to work with--the look. I couldn't admire motorcycles because my dad drove one and I knew they were not cool at all. They were dangerous and cold and you used them to save gas. Plus the bad kids in the neighborhood who were too dumb to know how cool motorcycles weren't kept trying to steal his. Anyway, I'm sure my fourth grade teacher was joking or maybe on drugs but I took it as a compliment.

*rocked; so, so magnificent

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