koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

The guy two blocks up who replaced his inflatable ghosts popping out of a pumpkin with an inflatable turkey in a pilgrim hat on November first has replaced that with an inflatable Frosty the Snowman. That was our signal to scrape Victoria's handprint turkey off the screen door and put up some lights. So far it's just one string but I know Brian won't stop at such a paltry display. We have a tree up and it looks great. Victoria spent the day throwing tinsel at it and cutting out snowflakes.

Earlier in the week we watched E.T.; who knew Victoria would freak over such a sweet movie? She did. During and after. Too scary. Today we were listening to music and she brought from her room the They Might Be Giants album. I said it was a good one and she said, "Yeah, I like every song on here except the one that sounds like E.T." I would have guessed Hide Away Folk Family but she was talking about Rabid Child. After that we started playing around making her a channel on Pandora, which she was very excited about. Unfortunately, Pandora hasn't heard of some of her favorite songs yet--it's possible we're misspelling them. She's big into Bollywood. Most of what we could find in their listings were remixes with other artists. She liked most of what it chose for her anyway.

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