koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

weekend plus

Saturday was good. Brian wanted to take Victoria to the zoo and while we were sitting on the subway, my friend from work saw us and said hi. She was going to the National Geographic Dog Day thing, so we hopped off there, too. It was good--lots of booths with dog-related stuff, about 200 friendly dogs with their owners, and the new dog exhibit inside was nice. Neither of my companions are blessed with an extensive attention span, so we were able to hit the zoo as well.

On Sunday, I mentioned to Chris that my mom had offered to take him shopping as a birthday present. Ten minutes later, he was on the phone arranging a trip to Hagerstown. Hagerstown! Whatever. So we drove up to my parents' place, put the babyseat in their car and drove another hour to buy two pairs of shorts and a shirt. And a hat for Victoria. My dad came, too, since he has a new oxygen generator that can run from the car lighter. Before last weekend, he had about a 90-minute tether for trips outside the house.

Jennifer's job doesn't start until June, so she was home all day while I was at work Monday. She called in the afternoon to say that there was a WWII photography exhibit at Union Station, so we decided to go after dinner. It was worth the short trip, but Victoria had a complete meltdown tantrum when I threw away her drink cup. Splendid acoustics at that part of the building; people were wincing in pain as they fled the West Hall. That was awful, but things calmed down and we had an uneventful trip back.

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