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On our way back from swimming this morning I stopped at the UPS store to have them help me wrap the bird sculpture for my mom. On the opposite side of that shopping center is a bead store, so we walked around afterwards to see what was up with the bead store. I figured if they had anything V-worthy I would get it but it was more of a bead store for grown-ups. We looked at everything anyway. They did have a big selection of tiny animal beads. You can tell I've been reading the wrong things when I look at tiny animal beads and think they are "ever so cunning." If anyone has need of a quarter-inch platypus with a hole poked through it, I can hook you up.

Chris called because he was unable to register for Spring semester due to a problem with his account. I think there is only one person who works the bursar's office phone at UMBC because I have talked to her every time this happens, which totals up to seven I think. Every semester (he took a summer class once). They have a ridiculous policy of no paper billing. Everything is done electronically--but the person who pays the bill can not see the bill because it is accessible to the student only. So your kid sends you his id and password and you look at the transaction history and it is worthless in terms of knowing what payments have been applied to which charges. Moreover, the charges are completely without detail. "Tuition" is tuition plus a collection of about half a dozen fees (this is important because my tuition remission does not cover fees). And then there was a new item this semester called "matriculation fee". I know the meaning of that word and in no way does it apply to the fall semester of a continuously full-time junior; however my friend at the bursar's office explained that that was a one-time fee that everyone paid this fall. What can I say to that? All I could come up with was "um, ok." We had to do this as a conference call, since she is only allowed to talk to Chris about his account. It was a special conference call, too, since Brian was standing over my shoulder barking questions throughout. In the end, we figured it out.

A few minutes ago I heard from Jennifer, too. Both big kids in one banner day! She wanted to know where the nearest Hardee's was in Silver Spring. The only one I could think of was in Easton, but I looked it up for her and told her she could try Hanover, Linthicum, or Manassas City. I forgot to ask why she didn't ask her fancy car first.

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