koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

I predicted that I would skip church today and indeed we did. Not to miss any reading recommendations, exactly, but because there was no sunday school for the kids and Victoria didn't want to sit through the adult service. This afternoon we went on a guided hike out to an Adena burial mound and then came back to throw spears with atlatls and make smoke with a bow drill. I did actually make smoke. The only person who managed to make fire was using a flint and steel. Anyway, it was a very fun afternoon.

November was my get-greener month but so far all I've managed to add to my routine is the proper disposal of kitchen compost. I mean I am doing it but my system could benefit from some tweaking, especially before the weather gets warmer. Oh, and I am using my own bags instead of the grocery store's but that was my birthday present to myself so it happened last month. I want to use cloth napkins, weatherstrip the doors, make storm windows, and intall low-flow toilets. That was my mental list for the month. I just noticed that the month is more than half over. Maybe writing it down will help.

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