koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Carolina Fugu

A few weeks ago a package arrived from North Carolina addressed to me and Victoria. We opened it to find jars of sticky stuff--a couple of them had leaked a little but it was no big deal. Every so often Brian buys things while he's traveling and he doesn't want to bring them home on the plane because he is all about the carry-on. We cleaned them up to discourage ants and set them on the kitchen counter.

When Brian returned, he explained that this was some of the merchandise members had brought to sell to each other at the electric co-op office in one of the towns he had visited. According to the labels, he had purchased pear jelly, apple butter, and honey. The largest jar was not marked. Brian didn't remember, if he ever knew, what he had bought. I think it's sorghum molasses. The jars weren't sealed and I don't want Victoria eating any of this stuff but I personally have an uncompromised immune system not to mention a gut like a dog. Even though I gave Brian a hard time about buying death-in-a-jar I have been enjoying it and I'm as hale as ever. The most interesting is the anonymous goo. It is thinner than the honey and quite dark. It smells terrible but tastes ok, maybe better than ok. It's complicated.

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