koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Gumshoe report

It was a bleak, rainy day and cold. After church we drove to the car dealer and asked what was up with the undeserved thank-you letter. The manager had not a clue. He couldn't find the sale in his records. I asked him how the letters were generated and he explained that they were done offsite. Hmm. Then he suggested that their other dealership might have made the sale. He didn't offer to call them for me but he did give me their address, so I thanked him for his help and drove there. It was sort of on the way home anyway.

If you ever have a desire to be the most fascinating person in a room, do visit an automobile showroom on a cold, rainy Sunday in November. Guys come out to your car to hold an umbrella over your head (I brought my own, but still) and when they learn that you are not looking for a car, they still hang around to listen to your every word. I got pretty much the same information from them, although I did ask to see their thank-you letter and while it is signed by the same person it's not on the same letterhead.

When I got home I filled out the request forms for a credit report. If I had been thinking clearly yesterday, I would have requested them online before placing the fraud alert. The good news is that the alert is in place at all three bureaus. And while I was being all organized and form-filling-outish I put together the tuition remission request for Christopher's spring semester. Then Victoria and I played Aggravation twice but when I won the second time she burst into tears and we found something else to do. Big baby.

Tomorrow I will try to get reports filed with the police and the post office and I am going to hunt down the guy who signed the letter and try to figure out what happened.

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