koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Finally! Something interesting

This afternoon I opened a letter from an area car dealer. It had been forwarded by the post office from my former address in Westerville, where we lived for four months. The dealer was thanking me for my purchase and welcoming me into his happy family of customers. All fine and dandy except I didn't buy a car and my first name is not Suresh (they did use my last name).

I tried calling the dealer but they were closed. I called TransUnion and put a fraud alert on my account and Brian's. They are supposed to notify Experian and Equifax and have them do the same. Tomorrow I guess I will swing by the car place just because I am curious. Or should I? Monday I will go to the police because with an identity theft report I can extend the fraud alert on my credit records to seven years (it's ninety days otherwise).

You know what we bought? A 2000 Sonata. Way to aim high, Suresh.

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