koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Mostly good stuff

It's Friday and I would have to say it was a pretty nice week. Brian was out--that's not the good part, really! He returned this evening to repack his suitcase I think. He leaves again tomorrow morning.

But Victoria had an eye doctor visit today. She has to keep the patch for ANOTHER eight weeks now and we have a new presciption for lenses. There was some improvement. That's good, right?

She also had a dentist visit earlier this week and they put spacers in two spots where baby teeth had been extracted. The dentist explained that she shouldn't eat sticky chewy stuff with them in, so we went home and sorted through the Halloween candy and got rid of a lot of it. That's good! I shouldn't eat it, either, and you know that's what happens to a good portion of her stash.

When I was sorting papers a few days ago I found the contact information for a guy who was exhibiting bird sculptures at the library back in June. I emailed him last week and it turns out the one I liked best is still available, so I am going to get that for my mom. Her birthday is at the end of the month; the possibility exists that I might deliver a birthday present to her on or before her birthday. That would be something.

I asked my next-door neighbor if we could put our kitchen compost on his pile--he has a huge bin while mine is still in the planning stages. He said sure, so that's another check in the good column.

First attempt at fooj was not so good, although it smelled fantastic. I think I stopped boiling too soon. We left it to cool overnight and in the morning it was shinier than it should have been and sticky. We'll try again tomorrow.

Our neighbor across the street was running for the township's fiscal officer position and she won on Tuesday. By 7am when I went to get the paper from the driveway, I noticed that her campaign signs had been removed from the lawns. She also wins the Tidy Candidate award, that's good.

In other election news, I saw this story in the Dispatch but I could only find it online here: Voters say 'no' to erasing Brenda Lee Dr. in Walton Hills I think those neighbors deserve each other, the nasty critters. But ultimately my thoughts turned to mayna: what is up with your street name?

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