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Nothing much

Good thing the clock moved back yesterday or I would have missed today's entry. I spent the time after putting Victoria to bed recovering from A Tale of Egypt, a very bad cartoon of the Moses story from bulrushes to Red Sea. As it ran I was thinking that it had to be one of the worst DVDs Victoria has ever selected, and she's picked some doozies. Then watching the end credits I was shocked to learn that the writer was Peter S. Beagle. I feel as though I should watch it again now to hear if I missed something. But no. I simply can not. It was very bad, I'm sure of it.

Stayed busy all day, but nothing worth recording. Brian's work provides him with a printer/fax/copier/scanner and although my Canon scanner is better, I used his today and it seems adequate; maybe I can get rid of mine. My car needs a bit of work. I spent way too much time failing to figure out why the abacus is wobbly. Went to the library and grocery store. There, I recorded it anyway.

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