koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

the yard

I am just thinking out loud about what to do with the yard.

The peonies on the side of the house are cramped and need some help, I should maybe move them? I've never tried that before. The rest of the things around the house need some shaping, but I think that's all.

The bare patch in the front that we stuck flowers in? I liked that, but it needs taller flowers.

The mailbox needs flowers around it.

I'm not going to do anything around the back porch because Brian says he is going to fix up that area. I asked him what that meant and he said he'd think of something. Best to wait.

I think I will add another bed to double our vegetable-growing space. And an herb bed on the other side of the yard, where Mrs. Beckett used to have one. Her real estate agent advised that she take it out to make the yard more attractive. What?

Leave the middle of the yard open. It's good for running around. When we had Victoria's birthday party, one of the soccer team parents said, "Wow, we could've held practice here." That made me happy.

The farthest part of the yard needs the most work. There's a weedy island that gets filtered sunlight and then a big shallow U that's even more shaded. Plus I have to put a compost bin somewhere and that seems the most likely place.

For my next trick I will be gathering all the papers that I have stashed in all the paper-stashing spots around the house for a night of sort-and-toss. There is a forty dollar check somewhere in this house and that's usually a good way to unearth such treasures. Wish me luck.

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