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hit the showers

Friday we left shortly after noon and drove to Maryland. We got to Rockville in time to see a nephew play flag football (under the lights!) and visit with Brian's sister's family. Then we had dinner at Tastee Diner and went to the house in Takoma Park. Within the mail pile that had accumulated was a notice from the city that our foliage was overtaking the sidewalk. They gave us until October 5 to fix the problem. Since we were reading the notice as October 6 was overtaking the calendar, Brian went out to cut back the overhanging shrubberies by moon- and streetlight. He went to bed and Christopher showed up shortly before 2am so that we could leave together for the 5K.

We were out of the house by 6:30 with both Victoria and Chris. Amazing. Jennifer was supposed to meet us at Hain's Point but we didn't find her until after the run. She had gone to another race by mistake. It's running season in DC apparently! Anyway, we all had fun and Chris won a jacket from the raffle after the run. Brian and Chris left to run errands; Jennifer, Victoria and I went shopping for a birthday present (and coffee, life-preserving coffee). When we got back to the house, Chris had already helped Brian load a sofa, a chair, and a table into the U-Haul they had picked up. I put my boxes of books in while Victoria wrapped her present and Jennifer napped before she had to go tutor a kid.

My plan was for all of us to go to Bowie and Victoria was supposed to party while Brian and I walked around. For some reason this sounded great to me inside my head. But Brian was being a dolt (he gave me crap about the books, big surprise) and I suggested that he forego the Bowie leg. He agreed to this plan by saying, Brian-style, "Ok, call me first if you crash the car." Yes. Alright, dear.

The party was SUCH a smash. It was a tea party above an antique shop and the girls (all girls) had dozens of hats, gloves, stoles, etc. to play with as they took their tea. I did some walking around because I didn't want to be in an enclosed area with olfactory-enabled beings. I was still in my race clothes. I was glad I had left Brian behind, there wasn't anything in Old Bowie that would have been of interest to him. When I picked up Victoria after the party she was dancing on air. "I wish we had a tea party every day! All day long!" She was also excited because she had a sleepover planned at Jennifer's new apartment.

We picked up Brian, drove to Herndon, and looked at Jennifer's spiffy place. Very nice! We took her to dinner but on the way there I got a call from the babysitter, who commanded that we stop by on our way home. We did--fortunately, it was a lovely night and we sat out back. I was still in my race clothes. Around midnight we left but I promised to return at least once before leaving town because she didn't get to see Victoria. She also packed up some breakfast for Brian to take, since he had to leave the house at 6am.

As we were driving back, Brian remembered that he had promised our neighbor that he'd meet with him to pay him for framing Jennifer's diplomas. Their house was dark and they were supposed to leave early the next morning. I said I'd try to catch them. Brian did leave at 6am--he had to pick up his brother and drive to Reston to play golf. I went out to clean up the growth encroaching on the sidewalk from the ground. I also got a good bit of driveway stuff pulled.

From this spot, I could keep an eye on the neighbor's house. When the front door opened and their dog came out for his morning walk I sprang up the steps to say hi. We chatted, I got the diplomas, and then I finished up the walkway. It does look better. Back inside, I fired up the laptop to check my mail and have a peek at lj. Jennifer should be back with Victoria around 10 and then we need to say hello to the babysitter before we metro over to Twinbrook to meet Brian at his parents' house, so I REALLY need to get cleaned up. You know why: Still in my race clothes.
UPDATE: Now I smell fabulous. I'm going to the farmers' market to find something nice for the babysitter and my in-laws.

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