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Sep. 24th, 2007

Signs appeared around town a few weeks ago promoting IndiaFestival. I saw from the webpage that the festival was scheduled from 10am to 10pm but that the performances were in the evening, so we arrived right about 5pm. Unfortunately, the kids' areas were shutting down just then so Victoria didn't get a chance to do much there; however, she did get a popsicle named kulfikulfikulfikulfikulfi-ice-cream, a small flag of India, and a string of flowers painted along her forearm. We heard some songs and watched a lot of dancing.
Victoria took a piece of candy from a bowl at the Columbus Ambassadors for Christ booth, causing a woman to spring from behind the table and thrust a stack of tracts at me. I thanked her sincerely as I took them; I love tracts. She then explained that they were for my friends who spoke other languages. Indeed, friends, if any of you Tamil, Hindi or Telugu speakers would care for a little bit of reading matter, do let me know. I am especially intrigued by the cover art here, in which a neckless Harvey Fierstein is imploring a bloated, bespectacled Nancy Kulp to consult her stack of reference materials so that he may properly deal with an intensely hot pepper in his hand. Is Nancy hesitating because she imagines a horde of villagers descending upon her with future culinary quandaries? Or is she miffed because Harvey has addressed her as "brother"?
We drove to Indiana today to attend a calf-roping contest held by one of Brian's coworkers. I learned a few things and saw some great riders and gorgeous horses. We were invited back to see the lambs this winter. That event took most of the day, since the ride out and back was a couple of hours. That was the weekend, or at least the exciting parts.


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Sep. 24th, 2007 12:10 pm (UTC)
Pepper? I thought it was a red hot dagger.
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