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travel "plans"

When I learned that the Waybacks weren't playing at Winfield this year, I almost didn't feel like going. Boy, that would have been dumb to skip this year. As it was, I wasn't absolutely sure we were going until the day we left. I thought Brian was coming home late Tuesday--I thought this because when he left the previous week he told me, "I will be back late on Tuesday."--but Wednesday morning arrived and still no Brian. Since we were supposed to leave Thursday, I wondered what was up. I called and the conversation went a lot like this:

K: Hi. Where are you?
B: North Carolina. Why?
K: I thought you were coming home last night.
B: I told you I'd be home late today.
K: I thought you said Tuesday.
B: I did. (me to you: See?!)
K: Yesterday was Tuesday.
B: No, today is Tuesday.
K: No, it absolutely is not. So you'll be home late tonight and we're leaving for Kansas tomorrow morning?
B: Huh. I thought I had a day in between.
K: Kansas?
B: Yeah. Maybe you should call today and get a car.

So we did manage to get to Tulsa but our tent and sleeping bags and chairs (we have one bag that holds everything) decided to stay in Chicago. We drove to the festival, heard a bunch of music, and the bag showed up around midnight. Right when we needed it.

All the official performers I heard were excellent. I didn't get to any alternate stages although I tried to convince Brian to go see Fast Food Junkies because I know he would like them. If they had been scheduled to go on at some more Brian-friendly time, maybe. 3am, no way.

But the best couple of hours this weekend was sitting around a fire with Gary and Debby, a family who always seems to camp a couple of sites uphill from us, listening to William, the mandolin player camped next to us play and tell stories. Then the guy who had just placed second in the fingerstyle competition dropped by to say goodnight and even though he had to be up at 7am the next morning to get his son to the acoustic kids showcase we prevailed upon him to play a little, too. Dude was awesome.

We drove to Oklahoma City last night, stayed at a hotel, and flew home this morning. Brian dropped us off, repacked his bag, and left for Illinois. He said he'd probably be back Wednesday and I was going to ask if he meant calendar Wednesday or Brian Wednesday but I decided to just say ok.

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