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I forgot to mention that I got new glasses last week. My prescription hadn't changed much in the past three years, but something horrible happened to the old ones. They were etched all over so that I was looking through a film of tiny scratches. My new glasses are so clear they made me dizzy for a couple of days. I was going to get the kind of lenses that change into sunglasses--Victoria has those--but I turned cheap and chickened out of that extravagance.

I decided to take my new glasses camping. Victoria and I drove out to Ohiopyle State Park in Pennsylvania, where we met a friend of mine from high school. You may recall that another HS friend stayed with us last weekend. My new plan, as opposed to attending the scheduled reunion that I learned about too late, is to conduct my own serial reunion wherein I meet with individual members of my class week after week. Since I will quickly finish meeting all the people I remember and who remember me, the fun should really begin in a few months.

But I digress. My friend brought her husband, her five kids, and an extra family of five along. I had one puny kid and two-fifths of a spouse. Brian was present in his entirety but only briefly. He had been working in Pittsburgh through Friday and was due in DC Saturday evening so it worked out that he could stop by. I had never been to this park before. It's lovely. I'm definitely headed back--it's next door to Fallingwater for one thing. And there's a nice bike trail and excellent hiking. It was an easy group to hang with, too, fun grown-ups and super kids.

Next weekend is a music festival in Kansas. Tough life, I know.

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