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My HS pal came by for the weekend. I wanted to show her Columbus but, of course, I don't know Columbus too well myself. I picked her up at the airport yesterday and we went grocery shopping (normally I don't make guests shop but we are both foodies and I knew she'd like to come along). We also went to the camera store because she didn't want to bring film through the airport. She's a photographer. Victoria and I don't know what to do with ourselves in a camera store, so we fiddled with the binoculars on the counter for a while and then poked at the picture frames on display. We came back to the house, had dinner, and went to the Clippers game for seven innings of minor-league baseball fun and major-league treat wheedling from Victoria. Back at home we got Victoria to bed and watched Heavy Metal Parking Lot, which I had touted to my friend earlier as the next best thing to a high school reunion. She didn't love it as much as Brian and I do, but I still recommend it to all central Marylanders of A Certain Age.

We went to the zoo on Saturday. It was gorgeous weather and (I hope) good for picture taking. I know it was good for walking around. Came back home and tried to grill kebabs except we had no skewers and no grill skills. Brian finally found a long-handled popcorn popper basket and in the end it was all good. We went to Short North for the Gallery Hop, poked around for a while and got ice cream at Jeni's. Mid-cone, I got the most sudden headache ever. I'm not blaming the ice cream, but there is a good chance I will never try eating it again. I barely made it home in time to retire to my room, where I extinquished every light source and spent several puling, puking hours before I could convince my body to go to sleep.

Of course I sprang out of bed at four this morning feeling like a million bucks. Come on, guys! Wake up! Time for more Columbus fun!

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