koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Let's give the bad and the ugly a miss, shall we?

School started, unofficially, last week. After seeing how very, very, very crummy V's vision is I am especially glad we chose to homeschool. We've enrolled in an online charter school which starts counting hours next week. The past few days have been "practice"; everything has gone smoothly.

J arrived this evening. She starts a new job on Monday, she bought a new car last week and moved into a new apartment on Saturday. V is insanely happy to have her here sleeping in the purple room. So am I for that matter. Her car is a new Honda hybrid, very adorable. Tomorrow we will ask the GPS unit to take us to ice cream and see where we end up.

Took V to the dentist today and she was most cooperative. A different and much better experience than our last visit. And this guy has a plan to fix her mouth without using general anesthesia, yay!

No news is good news and vice-versa, hence the short post.

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