koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Back from the beach

I only have time for the short version and most likely so do you. We drove to Maryland. We eventually located the two nieces who were to accompany us--an 11yo, a 12yo, and WAY too much luggage. Good thing we pack light ourselves. Had a lovely evening at the Ednorian pool party, drove to Somewhere But Just Barely, NC, stayed one night, drove to Carolina Beach and stayed three nights at a hotel with a pool right next to the beach. I thought that was pretty nice but then we took the ferry to Ocracoke and camped for a couple of nights. Now I'm spoiled. We took another ferry to Hatteras, walked up the relocated lighthouse, earned some Junior Ranger badges, stayed one night, and drove back to MD to return the spare girls. We stayed at their place in Mt. Airy last night, admired their pets (two cats, a manic dog, two rabbits, a hamster with a disturbing eye infection, a frog, two horses, a calf, and the most adorable donkey I have ever met) and hightailed it back home so that Brian could make a 6pm dinner meeting.

Internet access was suboptimal all vacation long, so I tried to keep up with email but lj-reading just didn't happen. After we hit Ocracoke, I didn't even look at a newspaper so I have some catching up to do.

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