koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Dances with Ingrates

Brian came back from his trip to Herndon last week with a new new laptop. He was annoyed because he had just fixed his old new laptop (two months old? maybe three) the way he wanted it and now he would have to start all over. He was aware of where this "problem" lay in the grand scheme of things but it didn't stop him from moaning about it. Then he asked me to reconnect the printer.

Bloody hell! My week was all HP and the Wireless Fandango as I tried every trick I knew to get that thing installed. I was very pleased with myself when I finally a) got the drivers working and b) put the rest of the machine and network back together. I know you won't believe what a convoluted and bizarre process this was because I myself lived it and I don't believe it, either. Of course, Brian was too busy whining about the inconvenience of having the new machine to manage an expression of thanks. It's like being at work except no one brings donuts. And I get a really great parking spot.

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