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Outings and the like

This is really going to go all over the place. Did you know that tennis balls don't work right if they're wet? That is why there was no tennis lesson on Thursday (rain! yay!), a fact I learned in the parking lot after calling the instructor. At the park, some people with U-Hauls were setting up blue fencing around a bunch of soccer goal frames, with flags from different states and countries posted along the perimeter. We walked over to see what was up and learned that they were setting up for a triathlon. The blue thing was the bike holding area. Walked down the hill, discovered the lake, walked around that.

Brian got home Thursday night; Friday morning was Christmas in July. He brought from the house two rugs, a basket/table thing I'd never realized was ours, and a chair. A chair! It's a miniature sort of chair, but it is fraught with cushiony goodness. And that is not all. He brought two contributions from his mom's house. The first is an unqualified hit: cooking pots. Oh, these are glorious things, thick aluminum Guardian Service pots with lids, and a griddle, too. And then a bunch of plates, saucers, cups, a teapot and creamer. All Johnson Bros. rose chintz. Pink pink pink pink pink. Oh, fine. I'll save a bundle by not replacing the hideous pink curtains and I won't complain because it's just a stupid room but for the record I would like to have it known that I do not care for the color pink in my dining room. There, now you know.

Friday night we went to an outdoor concert called Popcorn Pops. It was supposed to be for kids and, boy oh boy, thousands of kids were there with their adult companions, all at $12 a head. The grounds opened 90 minutes before the show for people to picnic (lots of people brought big picnics) and for kids to do crafts, get their faces painted, get a balloon animal, try out musical instruments, that sort of thing. Something was weird about the event, but I can't put my finger on it. The crowd was almost entirely white. No one checked bags or coolers at all, apparently alcohol and glass bottles are allowed. I had read that the program was Disney music, so it was funny when the conductor introduced the songs -- he sounded like Ludwig von Drake. There was a Disney medley and a Pirates of the Caribbean piece, but the rest of the program was non-Disney. While the orchestra played, the adults listened and the kids danced. Well, they jumped and ran around, but they thought they were dancing. Brian mentioned that something seemed different about the thing, so it's not just me. He doesn't know what it is, either.

Saturday morning we went to the library for something called SafeTSaurus. Turns out SafeT is a costumed someone from Children's Hospital. So it was a safety-themed storytime and that was that. But what was funny was how DESERTED the library was on the day of the final HP book release.

When we were walking around the lake previously, we noticed the bike path and figured it was a continuation of one we'd ridden earlier. Since the weather was so lovely Saturday, we decided to test our theory with a ride. The triathlon was to be Sunday, but Saturday there were a whole bunch of related events. We started riding but stopped to watch the first lap of a 3000-meter swim. We rode on, only to stop at every climbable structure that appeared. In all, it took almost three hours to go about six miles.

The next morning, early, Victoria was feeling sick. She alternated throwing up and sleeping from about 2am to noon, then drank a little Sprite, ate a bite of bagel, and asked to go for a bike ride. While we were at the park, we saw some kids flying kites and decided to get a kite. We came back home and Brian was there (he had gone out to watch the British Open) so he came along. No kites at Toys R Us! The clerk suggested we try The Andersons, where we not only found kites, but a Captain Jack Sparrow kite. For $2.49. How long do you think a $2.49 plastic delta kite would hold up on a nice gusty day? About a half-hour, which was fine this day because Victoria was worn out as well.

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