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I am trying to put things in this house and having little success. The dining room from craigslist was a triumph. After that, I decided that I would not buy any new furniture, only used things. I was even thinking I could meet Brian's odd, arbitrary budget but that was weeks ago and I am still having to crawl into bed when I want a comfy place to read. Craigslist sellers are fine when they're not flaky as all get-out. And when is that, exactly? Hard to say. Today Victoria and I hit some yard sales. The first one had mostly furniture, the only piece of which I could use was a little bookshelf that had a SOLD sign on it. Two freaking shelves. Someone had to mark it and leave it there to mock me: "Maybe you will haul some ass next Saturday morning and get something, maybe." The next place had nothing for me and a plastic horse for Victoria. She was enormously happy. Walking back to the car, she told me how lucky we were to find a white horse because that is the best color for horses. I said, "Please. I need a chair. I need a sofa. Can I sit on your horse and read a book?" She thought that was funny and pointed out that her horse had long, combable hair and a barette on his tail. Then she sang this song all the way to the next yard sale:

Taaaaaaaail AcCESSory! (repeat many dozens of times in increasing volume)

The third sale is where we found Hello Mrs. Piggle-wiggle, a second book I forget but we did buy, and a raisin cookbook Victoria thought she needed until she was informed that it was a raisin cookbook. I was done yard saling after that.

This afternoon we went to a birthday party at Magic Mountain, which is like Chuck E. Cheese only louder. Victoria thought it was fantastic; I am still recovering.

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