koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

I picked up Cooks Illustrated to read while Victoria was in Spanish Camp. I loved this magazine! I copied a couple of recipes to try, one of which suggested I use an oven-proof skillet. There was a workaround, but I decided I would not be working around. I got a stainless steel 12" skillet and made chicken with sausage and hot cherry peppers. The meal was good, very good. The skillet is awesome. How lovely it is not to worry about scraping noxious non-stick coating into my family's meals! And it's big! I like big.

After we ate a giant meal, we went to the park to let Victoria show Brian her tennis moves. I had already seen the moves, so I walked around the park. A couple of times. It's a small park. Back at home, neighbors were setting up to show a movie outdoors, so we came over to watch Shrek II.

Nothing momentous happened on Sunday. This morning Victoria asked when she would be able to dig for fossils. I didn't have anything on the calendar so we put together a bag of fossil-digging stuff and drove to Hueston Woods State Park, where I understood there were a couple of fossil collection sites. The park is huge and it seemed to me that they made the collection sites easy to miss but we were motivated hunters. Once we found a spot, wow. It's hard to pick up a rock that doesn't have a shell print or the like. It was along a stream that was teeming with fish and crayfish and waterbugs--it would have been a nice place to relax if I hadn't brought a manic trowel-wielding 5yo along. We found a few things to bring back with us and then we surveyed the park and came back home.

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