koralleen (koralleen) wrote,


Today was our neighborhood 4th of July party, starting with a parade around a couple of blocks near the elementary school. Victoria had been decorating her bike (and anything else that couldn't fight back) for the past few weeks in anticipation. And it all paid off big time as she got the blue ribbon for best decorated bike. I think the judges may have relied more on enthusiasm than aesthetics. She was pretty happy, of course. After the parade there were games and a picnic and a balloon guy and a water balloon fight. Perfect weather, lots of kids, a nice party. We came back to the house and I cleaned up a little but there was a fair amount of daylight left so we went to a new park (one that has tennis courts) to try out Victoria's new racquet. While there she met a girl who was willing to share her scooter and they played until late. Once I got Victoria in bed, I finished putting up the border in her room and now Victoria's room is practically finished.

She could still use a rug, a bookshelf, and a chair. Plus I have a new rod to add to her closet; she can't reach the one that's in there now.

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