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campfire cooking and the rest of my weekend

Saturday morning I stopped by a fabric store on the way to get groceries. I found cool sheer fabric for bedroom curtains but there wasn't enough on the roll to do both windows. It was on clearance at $6/yard and Saturday was the last day of a half-price sale, argh! I swallowed my disappointment and went to buy food. Our post-vacation refrigerator was quite bare.

When I got back to the house Victoria was moping because É was unavailable. I tried to interest her in going to a thing at the park titled "outdoor cooking" but she preferred staring disconsolately across the street at É's house. At the last moment--after the last moment, really--Brian chimed in and offered a secret incentive that got her moving. The park is a good 20 minutes away and we left at 1:55 to get to a 2pm hike but I was hoping they'd have a delayed start. Nah, when we got to the nature center it was deserted.

I suggested we walk up to the duck blind anyway, to see if any cool birds were out and not waste the trip. We did, and that's where we met up with the group. What a relief! Right after that they went off the trail to walk around the pond, so if we'd taken any more time we would have missed the hike entirely. The park ranger leading us talked about all kinds of stuff and the walk was exactly long enough. Just as Victoria was getting tired of walking through shoulder-high itchy grass and getting caught on prickly brambles we ended up back on the paved trail. We returned to the clearing near the nature center where another park ranger had started a campfire. Oh yeah, "outdoor cooking"! Hot dogs and s'mores. Victoria was happy.

On the way back I tried to stop at the JoAnn store I'd seen near Easton but I got very lost and ended up near the middle of town. Eventually I saw a sign pointing to 71 so I took that and succeeded in finding the JoAnn in Polaris. And they had enough of the fabric, yay! We returned to the house, É was waiting for us, the day was saved.

Sunday after church Victoria did not want to go to the diner. Maybe a week of vacation eating made it seem less interesting than usual. Instead, she wanted to get (more) bicycle decoration for next week's parade. We got some, and then she and Brian decorated her bike. She's ready. Later in the day I learned that Brian's bribery of the previous day was to allow V and É to play dress-up with my clothes. I don't know why they thought this would be such a great treat; I have a very uninteresting wardrobe. I told them to have at but I think they wound up on Brian's side of the closet. At least he has a couple of hawaiian shirts.

That afternoon, Brian came up with a new project. He is going to collect Imperial Cape Cod glassware. You read that right. It was as big a surprise to me as the time I was emptying the dishwasher and I heard simonator say, "Oh, Mikasa Intaglio," and I turned the plate over and damned if he wasn't exactly right. But Brian is not a collector, he is a dispenser, a disburser, a thrower-out. So it's funny that he'd collect anything. But depression glass? Interesting.

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