koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

alighting briefly

I don't think it would be productive to list all the reasons my recent vacation was disappointing; suffice it to say the week ran a bit long in my opinion. And the last bit was the worst part. We met with the ophthalmologist who prescribed Victoria's glasses for a follow-up and her left eye is still quite weak. I was horrified by how poorly she read the wall chart but the doctor reminded me that her near vision was not that bad. She prescribed atropine eye drops every other day for the right eye. She administered the first dose in the office and then we started back to Columbus. We stopped to eat five hours later and in the restaurant Victoria was freaking over how hard it was to read the signs. I think some of that was just car and vacation fatigue. I hope so.

Anyway, back home we have dining room furniture, woohoo! Thank you, craigslist.

Tomorrow we leave for Chicago. It's a work trip for Brian but we'll take some extra days to look around. And I will try to hunt down my cousins for a visit.

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