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Friday we got a chance to hang with aramintamd's K briefly after failing to procure pirate paraphernalia at Target (I guess that marketing ship has sailed; they had moved on to 4th of July stuff). Then we went to Columbia to caravan to Salisbury with Team Greykell (I do not want to think about my carbon footprint this week). Jason led, kdsorceress is collecting practice hours for driving so she took the middle spot and I was the tail. What a blast it is to tailgate and to hog lanes and to laugh wickedly at the victims of your road-jerkitude! Too fun.

We had been placed in a triple room in the dorms, since I was SUPPOSED to be traveling with a larger retinue. Perhaps I've mentioned this previously. Three beds were arranged as lofts over desks. I had visions of Victoria rolling out of one of these and not bouncing, so I pulled a mattress onto the floor for her, which worked nicely. Soon after she fell asleep an electrical storm swept through town, all the more spectacular as we were on the sixth floor (that's tall in Salisbury). I had taken a doggy bag from dinner so I enjoyed a snack while I took in the show.

We beat rosy-fingered dawn getting up but we were still setting up the rest stop when the first bikers came through. We were the first stop out for everyone and the last stop for the short-course riders on the way back. Even though most people wouldn't need to stop after only seven miles, they stopped for us: the pirate rest stop rocks. Victoria was right in there with us until just before the end. Dang! The day was a little too long for her. When we'd packed everything up and she was supposed to hop into the car, she crumpled. It was really hot in there. I tossed her in, strapped her down, and took off. She was crying so hard I missed my turn. By the time I found the school again I was afraid we'd miss our returning riders, but we actually had a couple of minutes to compose ourselves.

And then a miracle happened. A spandexed angel, some random rider dude, walked behind Victoria and dropped a couple of quarters on the ground. Then he mentioned to her that some people had found buried treasure in the area ... and he walked away. That bought us an extra 45 minutes or so as Victerrible scratched through the dirt with a rock seeking loot. We had an easy ride home, I collected all (I think all) the stuff I'd kept by accident and returned it to werewulf's, and then with Chris and his girlfriend along we head right back out across the bridge to visit with my parents. That return trip was horrible thanks to beach traffic, although Clair's ion flashcards provided a pleasant diversion. Go ahead, quiz me!

This morning Christopher's keys turned up missing. Crud. They are probably in Delaware since that's where he was doing headstands. I drove him to work and Jennifer will figure out how to get him to class tonight. Now I am going to get ready to visit the babysitter and, I hope, the in-laws. Brian's dad hasn't been feeling well so they might or might not be up for a visit from a germy 5yo and her germier-still mom.


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Jun. 11th, 2007 01:59 pm (UTC)

make sure you check out the one from monday, June 11. Needless to say, you were the first person to come to mind :)
Jun. 11th, 2007 07:45 pm (UTC)
I am in such trouble -- my *6* year old is like this now! Of course, then all of a sudden he jumps up and gets dressed and shouts "Look at me!", which is *not* going to happen when he is a teenager...

Thanks for the link. And of course, koralleen for the weekend story. I will have to remember the treasure ploy for my own would-be pirates. (I think I am lucky that they do not know about pirate-speak yet. It's bad enough that I have to stop myself from saying "What Arrre ya doin'?" all the time.)

Good luck on your drive back to Ohio! Does it feel like you will be driving "home"?
Jun. 12th, 2007 12:53 pm (UTC)
Oh yeah, it will feel like driving "home"! It's weird because the TP house doesn't not feel like home. But I am at odds with the big kids here, which is ... uncomfortable. Because I really do like them, they are fun, funny, nice, smart people. Who annoy the crap out of me.
Jun. 12th, 2007 02:20 pm (UTC)
So you have the best of both worlds? A home and a home-away-from-home, one with slightly annoying but lovable relatives, and the other with....


So I guess by the time you read this, "Welcome home" will be appropriate!
Jun. 12th, 2007 03:09 pm (UTC)
Well, as you noted, "welcome home" is appropriate either way! But I am still in Maryland now. I made an appointment for Victoria's eye doctor here on Thursday and we'll leave right after that. Yesterday we visited with the babysitter (and she has requested that I take her tree-shopping tomorrow), today we will see the in-laws at lunchtime and my aunt and uncle for dinner. With any luck we'll get to reception night tomorrow!
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