koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

must. block. youtube.

I am helpless, I admit it. Last night I pretended I was doing "research" for 80s clothing (all I remember are those suits) and the next thing I knew the sun was rising and I was poised to either close the browser or watch Pete Shelley sing Homosapien. You know the little angel on my one shoulder tumbled off in exhaustion while the little devil on the other was shouting, "Yes! Now click Telephone Operator!"

"We're not safe, family entertainment in any way--and it will be interesting to see what takes our place as we do become that, as everything does sooner or later ...

Tomorrow night we head back to Maryland for the MS bike ride and cetera. It hardly seems possible, but this year my crew is less coordinated than last year. Even my car has pooped out on me. I did find some furniture on craigslist today but I have to get it moved while I'm away. Putting this job in Brian's hands makes me nervous as he is a notoriously poor receiver of communication. There's a page of instructions on the fridge; I've done all I can.

We're leaving for Chicago once Victoria and I get back next week. Just writing this now I remember that I have a couple of cousins there. I should try to visit while I'm in town.

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