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The beds were delivered yesterday morning. They're nice! The paint in Victoria's room was messed up and it will be hard to fix with her sleeping in there now. I had been working on it at night while she slept in the next room. When I removed the masking tape, particularly from the floor molding, paint peeled away from the wall leaving big white chips. And my masking job sucked, so there are pink blobs here and there. And some drips on the wall, I guess my rollers were too thick? I tried to do everything right but I'm really disappointed with the job I did. Last time I painted her room it went fine so I wasn't expecting this to be bad. I haven't put the border in yet because the paint is supposed to cure for a month first.

At least I know my way around the kitchen. I made not-quite-pad-thai Tuesday and it tasted exactly the way I wanted it to. And last night we had pollock baked under lime slices and that came out great, too.

A color laser printer on the network, woohoo! Brian's work had this monstrosity (it's a 4-in-1) delivered to the house in Maryland a year ago. I guess it's a 5-in-1, since it was an endtable for that year. He brought it to Ohio when he returned from graduation and it took me until last night to get it set up. It has a very cool photo printing feature: it reads media cards directly and prints an index page. You bubble in your selections from the page along with choices for paper type and print size and then lay the index page on the scanner to get your selections. I hardly ever want photos printed, still I thought that was nifty. What took forever in the setup was getting Brian's laptop to send jobs but all is well now.

After getting the rooms straightened out, I wanted to go get some curtains yesterday. I couldn't find my keys anywhere. Victoria and I searched the whole house. Several times. I even checked the car but I forgot to look IN THE IGNITION where, indeed, they were. In the "access" position, because the day before I had parked the car and then realized Victoria's window was rolled down. I put the key back in, she rolled up her window, and then I guess I wandered off to put away groceries and stuff while my battery--my less-than-one-week-old battery--drained completely. I figured when Brian got back he could give me a jump but I had parked in exactly the wrong spot to allow his behemoth close enough to mine. I drove his car in a search for cables longer than twelve feet but ended up with a rechargable battery made to jump cars instead. Unfortunately, it has to charge for 24-36 hours initially but maybe by tonight things will be back to whatever passes for normal around here. So stupid!

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