koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Union Grove weekend

We left Friday for the fiddlers' festival and managed to attract the attention of an Ohio State Trooper, feh. Brian's brother's wife is a fiddler and they all (3 kids, too) were set up when we got there. So was his coworker with his family (2 kids of his own and a spare). That made the weekend very easy as the kids ran around entertaining themselves while we grownups built fires and listened to music. The weather was ideal. Mid-afternoon Saturday a lot of us drove down the road to the strawberry patch where we picked four flats of perfect strawberries. We did nothing else productive all weekend. Then we snagged another speeding ticket on the way home. We took Rte 35 home and I saw a sign for the Leo Petroglyph site. It was too late to stop but I think Victoria and I will backtrack soon to have a look at it.

On Friday Brian's dad went to the hospital with pneumonia and we thought we might need to return to Maryland before heading home, but he improved over the weekend. Brian is thinking of driving to Maryland this weekend anyway and the following week V & I will, too. Coordinating the MS bike ride with kids from afar is a giant pain in the ass, in case you were wondering. Team Greykell is bigger this year; next year they'll do fine without me. I am pretending that this is an effort to reduce my carbon footprint but you guys will all know better.

Our beds are supposed to arrive tomorrow morning. I had hoped to have Victoria's room completely painted, but too many horrible things happened around the edges and I still have stuff to finish/disguise. I'm glad she's not picky about details.

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