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Another beautiful day--birds are chirping, clover is popping up in the yard, kids are settled somewhat, a sweet breeze is wafting in the office window, and someone just scooted down the road in front of the house on a Segway.

You will never guess who I met with on Tuesday. So I will tell you: an interior decorator. Weird, huh. All of my other houses have had such clumsy accumulations of furnishings that I thought I might be able to use an hour's worth of advice from someone with experience. I'm glad I did, too, and I definitely picked the right person. She didn't laugh at my empty house: she sat in the resin chair at the card table in the kitchen with a perfectly straight face and gave me the names of some secondhand furniture places that might have stuff I could use. She agreed that the big pink draperies have got to go and thuse endeared herself to me immediately. She suggested pieces to look for and a floor plan (which was entirely different and much more sensible than what I had in mind) ... and she doesn't think books are clutter. I feel pretty good about looking for stuff now, all except the budget thing.

Brian went to Maryland for the weekend plus Monday to see Jennifer graduate. It was a weird visit. Jennifer called a couple of times and complained that he was supposed to be attending her events but was coming late, leaving early, or just skipping them. I asked him about this and he did not agree with this observation. She seems ok with it now, but it sounded stressful at the time. Chris finished his exams yesterday and is already moved back into the house. His summer job starts on Tuesday.

Victoria and I are packing for the camping trip. Every time I've gone to this festival it's been very fun and laid-back. I'm looking forward to it. Also, it will be good to see Brian--probably. He's been away most of the time this month. Comes back to the house briefly to wash a couple of shirts and say things like, "You bought a coffeemaker, I see. How much was that?" But he did agree that the decorator wasn't a bad idea, and he seemed to like her suggestions (except for the entryway wallpaper stripping but that's good. If we ever agreed fully on something it would be most worrisome.)

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