koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

busy but nothing interesting

Thursday was Wait For The Phone Guy day and Friday was Wait For The Water Guy day. I did manage to combine advice from several sources and purchase two mattresses, so now I have Wait For The Mattress Guy day to look forward to on Tuesday.

Saturday was all Victoria. She had a soccer game in the morning, her friend came by to ride bikes when she returned home (the training wheels are off, hooray!), and then she had a party to attend at The Little Gym. This morning when we got to church there were no Sunday School teachers but four kids were waiting for class to start, so I hung out with them. I'm going to go to a new members meeting later this month and maybe I will be introduced to the intricacies of this church's calendar.

This afternoon I went to a computer store to get a router. At the same shopping center I saw the Sewing SuperCenter that I'd seen advertised on a few billboards. I went in and it was ok, but super? I don't know about super. I couldn't even find a gold button to replace the one Brian lost from his jacket sleeve. The closest they came was one that was a little too big and had an anchor on it. An anchor. Way too Mr. Howell; I left empty-handed. I brought some more things to the house and then went shopping for groceries. I promise if something exciting happens, I will jump right on LJ and tell you about it.

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