koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Weekend all week long

I have that sort of oversunned, gritty tiredness that usually signals the approach of Monday morning and yet it is the middle of the week. Very great feeling.

Monday night we went to a Clippers game. Victoria was very excited to be there although she doesn't follow the game as closely as she follows the whereabouts of the guy selling cotton candy. She is also fascinated/terrified by costumed mascots and they have two--a parrot and a seal--so she had her eye out for them all night, too. When we left, we were handed coupons for a free game at the Bowling Palace. Victoria is very excited about this. She is expecting princesses and dragons.

Yesterday we brought a folding table and some plastic chairs to the new house. We can eat there now. With our fingers. We also brought some boxes of stuff, mainly office-type things, which we unpacked. The sellers left us a big computer desk and a file cabinet, plus there's a closet and built-in bookshelves in the office. We walked around the yard to see what we'd need to get started out there. Then we went back to the townhouse to get ready for soccer. After the game Victoria got an invitation from one of the players to his birthday party on Saturday, yay!

This morning we got gardening gloves with rubbery fingers, digging tools, yard waste bags, a kitchen trash can, a birthday present (red Power Ranger on a dragoncycle, don't tell William), wrapping paper & ribbon, blackberries, watermelon, a pint of cut-up vegetables, pineapple-mango salsa, chocolate milk, and citrus-flavored water. We arrived at the house in plenty of time to meet the repair guy for our gas line. He buried a new line around the back of the house while we removed thistles, dandelions, and mayapples from the beds. Despite her worm phobia, Victoria was very helpful. While we were out back, the couple next door introduced themselves and the person right behind us came over with a basket of houseplants for me and an ice cream bar for Victoria.

Everything I've read says you need to observe for a full year before doing any big garden planning, so I am trying to be observant. And calm. But it's such a great space! I'm sure we won't be ruining anything with a few annuals here and there. In the back where we were working the soil is almost black although there must be a good bit of clay in it.

I had planned to shop at the mattress store before heading back, but we were a little too grubby for that. I'll try to get there tomorrow morning before I have to meet the phone guy.

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