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Welcome wagon

This morning I went to the zoo to for an MS research fund-raising walk. I was supposed to take Victoria and I was supposed to meet a walking team, but those two things did not happen. Victoria had a soccer game and Brian was home so that all worked fine. As for the team, I had blithely imagined that it would be very easy to recognize a few people I'd never met before, say hi, and start walking. Now why would I think that? I am dopey is why. I had a lot of fun anyway checking out the zoo. And Victoria had a good game, so the morning was a success.

Then we had to wait and wait and WAIT until 6:00, when we were to go get the the keys and take possession of the new house. They were still cleaning out a few things when we got there, which was not a problem. We walked around the place with them a few times, getting some tips and history. As they were departing, our next-door neighbor came over to introduce herself. We were standing in the driveway talking when the across-the-street-&-down-one neighbor came over, too, with her almost-5yo daughter. Victoria and the daughter hit it off right away. And then the across-the-street neighbor joined us. Before dark, we'd met five human neighbors and two dogs, all very friendly.

I didn't need my tape measurer because everything is on the plans. The original builder's drawings, two copies of them. Victoria played with her new friend, Brian walked around the neighborhood, and I wandered through the house. It's big and empty. We plan to get a couple of beds and a kitchen table and then our plan gets rather vague. I'm sure it will be fine.

Back at the townhouse, Victoria ate a quick dinner and hopped into bed. She was asleep mid-chapter, a rarity. We're reading The City Under the Back Steps, which is not as fun to read aloud as you might think. Still, it has Victoria more kindly disposed toward ants. Since she is bug-phobic in general, this is good. Brian went to sleep quickly, too, but I am all keyed up with new house energy and no outlet.

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