koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

10 pounds of mud in a 5 pound sack

I crammed too much in a one-week visit, but what else is new. On the way home I heard two strange noises (I am very sensitive to car trouble), neither of which repeated itself and the car made it home in fine shape. This morning I identified the noise which occurred halfway between Morgantown and Wheeling. I heard what sounded as if I'd pierced an aerosol can: a PTHINK followed by a quick rush of air. I hadn't noticed any debris but I was also going really fast. Thinking I had missed something important kept me extra alert for quite a while.

When I took my bike off the rack, I noticed my front tire was flat. I went to fix it today and discovered a charred spot where the tire had burned and the tube exploded. I always attach my bike with the wheels fixed, but now I understand why letting at least the one next to the exhaust pipe turn freely might be a very good idea. The wheel doesn't appear deformed, so it's not too awful. Oops. Now I wonder what that other noise was...

Brian had returned the day before and worked his special magic on the house, so everything was very neat right down to the precision vacuuming pattern on the carpet. He is odd, but there are worse kinds of odd.

Tonight was the final walk-through on the house. Brian preferred to skip it, which was too bad because the sellers were there and they were happy to show me through the house and talk about stuff. He probably would have asked different questions. We meet at 9am tomorrow for the closing but we don't take possession until the 28th. We're going to keep renting the townhouse for a month, but we're not giving notice until our name is on the deed. An abundance of caution and so forth.

For tomorrow I need to
  • get to the title company's office on time
  • find out where the Tuesday soccer game will be held
  • take an odometer picture
  • get the utilities and services balls rolling for the new address
  • find out what it takes to get the car registration changed
  • get a new bike tire, and
  • go to the library.
When we move, we will add a new library to our routine, but I doubt we'll completely abandon the Westerville library. Awesome library.

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