koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

on the other hand

Ups and downs today. The drive was easy, great weather, clear roads, happy kid in back. We got into town right before rush hour--except it's Friday, I guess, and the last ten miles took almost an hour. My neighbor across the street was happy to see us and happy to tell us about the punk he shooed away from our garage this morning. Jennifer asked me to have a look at her computer because it's been acting funny, so I looked at it. I guess a hard drive crumbling to bits is funny in the right light. I finally had a look at my bike for tomorrow and the toe-clips are gone. This sucks because I love my toe-clips, especially on hills. The good news is I can say all the bad words I care to because Victoria is out of the house. Jennifer took her to find chocolate. I'm finding it hard to convey how very unhappy I am with the state of my pedals. No point in typing them, I am going to sign off now and say some more of those words.

New word: HaHAH! I will not be defeated by thoughtless bike borrowers. Not when I have a swiss army knife and a computer. Thank you, eHow.

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