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Request for remedy

Details about what we've asked of the sellers will be of little interest;

The inspection revealed that the house is solid and in pretty good shape. We couldn't test the AC but the unit is quite old (1988). So we won't be surprised if that's one of the first things to bust. Our contract gave us ten days to have any inspections made and make requests based on the reports. Saturday would be day 10, so today we submitted the following requests:
  • Repair or replace the nondraining discharge pipe from rear west of house to street.
  • Repair or replace the whole house fan (we were unable to test as the sellers reported that the fan blades hit the louvers--they requested that we not turn it on.)
  • Repair chimney with regard to loose mortar, damaged bricks, crumbling crown.
  • Replace extension cords from EZ Breathe machine and sump pump with connections to permanent power source.
  • Replace crushed roof vent.
Along with the request we sent the relevant pages from the inspection report.

Now the sellers have five days to respond. The real estate agent seemed to think it was a reasonable list of things and the sellers are likely to recognize this. The husband is a real estate attorney, we learned today. That's the story so far.

Yesterday I was sitting across the desk from the insurance lady. She asked, "Occupation?" and I said uh because, y'know, uh. Then I remembered that she was just attempting to fill in a form so I tried for a casual "oh, homemaker" but my recovery was poor and instead of a breezy delivery I ended up with some clenched Shatneresque yelp. She very graciously turned to Victoria for the next question, giving me time to compose myself. Hmm.

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