koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

time flies

I feel like I should be posting a weekend update sort of thing but apparently the weekend was a while ago. I hope my head catches up with the calendar soon. I've already forgotten Saturday.

Sunday Brian was home and we all trooped along together to church, diner, library, soccer clinic. Then they stayed home while I shopped and I got a roasting chicken while I was at it, came home and made a fancy dinner. I really made a nice dinner because the chicken was on sale, but the next day was our anniversary so I think I remembered that subconsciously.

The next day was just a crazy runaround mess of a day, enlivened by the loss of Victoria's pink purse. When we realized it was missing, we revisited all of the places we'd gone--and there were a lot of them--but no one had the purse. Well guess what? After we'd gone home as sad as could be, someone turned it in to the library and they called Brian and he called us and the day was saved! We had planned to go to the library again at night anyway, because it was movie night. We picked up the purse and watched Disney's The Little Mermaid along with a crowd of repeat viewers, judging by the number of kids who were singing along.

Tuesday we went to a metroparks program about eggs and I got to say hi to mayna and meet her crew. Victoria made a spider that didn't fit into her egg as planned, so she made a second creature that was more birdlike but even less likely to fit into the egg. Especially since I was holding it while its glue dried and then we got in the car and I set it down and now its wing (or tail, hard to determine) is attached to the CD case for I Heard It On NPR "Roots". We ran a few errands and then straightened up a bit in anticipation of the return of aramintamd and tacnukesoul.

They came, they saw, they brought me a crabcake. Yay! The kids enjoyed another sleepover minus much sleep, we abandoned our guests briefly while Victoria had a skating lesson, and then came back with time enough to watch the DVD of the CostumeCon presentations. That was very cool. I wish Brian had been around to see it. He was asking why they were going to St. Louis and they were trying to explain but I don't think he got it.

We waved goodbye, we put our Box of Amusing Items together, and we headed off to the home inspection. The inspector was fantastic, the best I've ever followed (grand total: 3), and the house came out smelling like a rose. A rose with a drainage issue and a crumbling chimney top, but I hope we'll be able to come to an agreement. The water problem is the worst because they have put a lot of money ($20K) into fixing it but there's still a non-functioning pipe. Brian will be back for the weekend and we'll figure out something. Fast! We're supposed to close in 2½ weeks.

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