koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Everything exciting is in MD today

Jennifer called this morning to say that she had interrupted a theft in progress. She heard noises in the garage, yelled, and then watched two guys ride away on my bicycle. Here's what's bad about that:
  • I'm short one bike, the one with the trail-a-bike attachment
  • Either my B-i-L, who uses the garage occasionally, forgot to shut the door or those miscreants know how to open the garage. I hope it's the former.
  • She missed her econ class this morning because she waited to talk to the police.
I have no trouble finding the Pollyanna bits:
  • It was the Jamis, not the Fuji. I love the Fuji with unreasonable fervor. To me, the Jamis was "the bike with the trail-a-bike attachment".
  • Victoria is big enough to ride her own bike; the trail-a-bike can go to a younger neighbor.
  • No injuries. And the bike computer mounting is on the Fuji. But really, there were two guys and it could have been uglier so it was not a terrible outcome all told.

And there's more. Later in the day she received a job offer to be an Environmental Affairs Officer (pretty much a researcher, but as a GS-9 and more in her area of interest than the stuff she's doing now) ... in Nairobi. Whoa. My parents will freak. They were so vociferously appalled when she attended a winter term program in Costa Rica that when she went to Jordan this summer we just left them out of the loop to spare everyone's stomach linings. I know she wanted something more exotic than taking the Metro to the Bureau of Labor Statistics M-F; this certainly qualifies.
Here, things are pleasingly dull. Got an insurance quote on the new house and the Subaru (the truck has to stay in Maryland), made an eye appointment for Victoria, went to another playground, had a picnic dinner by the volleyball court. Baby carrot fangs for everyone, woohoo!

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