koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

fun fun fun

Brian said, "I think someone is at the door, Victoria." Before E stepped in, Victoria gave a shriek of glee that eventually descended into human hearing range. Then for a good part of the next 12 hours or so there was a pink cloud of giggles, trinkets, and finery bumping through the house. It was a blast. Victoria is counting the minutes until aramintamd et al swing back through the neighborhood. Too bad Brian won't be here--he was this close to inviting K down to the Crown Sports Lounge to hang out. Well, this being a tiny space between my forefinger and thumb plus about 18 years. But she is a character!

You know this thing is going to turn into a My New House journal, don't you? I apologize in advance. Today I scheduled a home inspection and now I have to figure out how to work Victoria into this. Brian won't be in town. I think I will bring a new coloring book and crayons and bribe her like she's never been bribed before to behave. The Takoma Park inspector took about four hours to look at about 1500sf of weird old house. This house is newer and more normal but quite huge. So I'm betting it's another half-day affair.

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