koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Like I said

I didn't think Brian would find anything wrong with the house we looked at yesterday. We put in a pretty low bid expecting a counter-offer but apparently the sellers are tired of goofing around so they accepted the initial amount. Yay! Now we have to do the inspection things and if all goes well we will move at the end of April.

The house is sweet with a very sixties feel to it: not patchouli sixties, Rob and Laura and Buddy and Pickles playing bridge sixties. The yard is glorious. The neighborhood is closer to the center of town than I'd expected to find quiet but that just shows what I know. It's buffered a bit by being nestled into the curve of a kidney-shaped country club. Brian is a golfer. I didn't think he'd care that much about the proximity of the course, but he mentioned it four times in evaluating the house.

In other news, we are waiting for aramintamd and her merry band to swing through town on their way to St. Louis. I didn't tell Victoria about it until today, thank goodness. If she had to function at this degree of excitement for longer than a day one of us would pop.

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