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more about houses and stuff

At the beginning of the week I gave the realtor a long list of houses; she lopped off the ones on busy streets to bring it down to six. Then someone bought one of those, and another couldn't show because of a dog issue. The first we saw of the remaining four is definitely my favorite house so far. Brian won't be back for a couple more days, but I can't imagine what he wouldn't like about it. For those who know about such things, it's Worthington schools, Perry Township. Then we looked at a house that was under a spell of mediocrity. There was nothing awful about anything, but you would never be able to point to a single part of the house and say, "That's nice." That was Dublin Schools, Olde Sawmill. Creepy.

I was eager to see the third place, which was an older house near Otterbein College in Westerville. This part of town really reminds me of Takoma Park in an appealing way. No doubt I'm in a rut. Sadly, the house was in no shape to show Brian. A rambunctious family had run roughshod over this place, using an awkward layout without making any substantial changes. Sure, I liked it. It was the crookedest house I've been in, ever. I was trying to figure out the best way to form a joke about a spirit level giving up the ghost when I looked over at the realtor and decided to keep quiet. She was aghast. We were outta there.

The last place was way the heck out east of the reservoir, Westerville zip but Plain City schools. And taxes! It was a very nice house on an acre backing to a horse farm, but for more than $5K a year in taxes, I want city water and sewer and gas and maybe a beat cop. And cookies. Nice place to visit, though.

Saturday I went ice skating with Victoria. I weaseled out of it the past two weekends--kids taking lessons get a free practice hour on Saturday. Brian took her the first week and Jennifer did it last week but this week it was either skip it or go myself. The first 15 minutes were as awful as I had imagined they'd be, but then I grew inured to the searing pain in my ankles and the grueling effort of concealing my abject panic so we managed to go around and around for the entire hour.

Today we did the usual Sunday routine: church, diner, open houses. We only went to two because the day was so fabulous we had to get into playclothes and out to the park. After that we went to Target because I thought I could get her soccer stuff there. They didn't have cleats (at least not in the shoe section, I didn't ask anyone) and although we did find two styles of black shorts in her size they were ridiculously short shorts. I'll try a sports store tomorrow, I guess.

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