koralleen (koralleen) wrote,


Friday we looked at houses and decided to look some more. Jennifer was catching a ride with a friend who was coming to Columbus for a weekend visit. Of course we were all happy to see her, but Victoria was ecstatic. Brian looked calm, but I know he was pleased that she could bring his golf clubs. He was going to have to rent some this week otherwise. Pretty mild in terms of entertainment: she took V ice skating while I bought groceries, we all visited the library, ate dinner, watched Jungle Book 2. Sunday I drove Brian and his clubs to the airport at 6am. We had to meet back up with Jennifer's friends, so we skipped church and set out to find a place to eat breakfast close to their house but I ended up spending too much on that, which I hate. Grr, I'm still hating it. So dumb.

Jenniferless, we wandered up to true Powell to check out some open houses. The area did not appeal to me. We stopped at a nice playground on the way back to cheer ourselves up. It helped. We returned home, where I tried to find more houses. I came up with five more listings to look at; this morning I talked to the real estate agent and we'll go out on Thursday. Now the weekend is over and it's rainy and gray out.

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