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ready to spring

Talk about the weather. We've had some lovely days so far this week. Brian has the month filled with travel, but he will be in town long enough Friday to look at the top three so far. Any of these could be winners, or there are still plenty to see:

I like this one best because it has a big open back yard and it's in Westerville, which is sort of where we are staying now only this is Westerville proper, not Westerville-zip-Worthington-schools-Columbus-taxes, which is how the lady at the Westerville rec center pigeonholed me as she exacted an extra $10 for Victoria's ballet class. Anyhow. The house is too weird, like the Takoma Park house--an old place that has undergone a series of less-than-graceful additions. I don't think Brian will go for it, although who knows? He did last time. At least this one has air conditioning.

This house has a sunroom addition in the back. I'd like more space in the back yard, but there's a lot to recommend the house. It's in Westerville, too, in a neighborhood that seems very nice.

If only this house were in my beloved Westerville! Alas, it is in an odd but lovely spot that a rec center clerk might call Powell-zip-Olentangy-schools-Orange Township. The back yard is a good size and looks out on woods, it's gorgeous. The house is on a cul-de-sac in a low-traffic neighborhood, another plus. This was my favorite house until I saw the weird one. It's still a strong contender, but I am a little afraid of the location. I predict growing pains for Orange Township in the form of inadequate roads and services. Brian says I am overthinking this issue. I'm going to take another look at the house and reconsider, although it's also listed at a somewhat inflated price, so we'd probably offer less and they might say no and put my overthinking to rest.

In other news, today was house-cleaning day. On Monday, my house started to smell and it wasn't my fault. Especially upstairs, there was a strong odor of cigarette smoke. Tuesday was a gorgeous day, warm and windy. I opened all the windows but this morning it smelled just as bad. So on the way back from the skating lesson this morning we stopped at Target for odor-masking cleaning products and we spent a few hours applying them. Now my house smells like someone spilled perfume on my grandfather. It's supposed to be getting colder starting tomorrow but I may try the windows again.

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