koralleen (koralleen) wrote,


1. Have you ever taken a red-eye (i.e., overnight) flight, train, or bus? Why or why not? Do you prefer to take a red-eye or travel during the day?
Sure. It gives me more daylight time to appreciate my destination. I don't mind driving overnight if it gives me a headstart on a vacation.

2. What makes your eyes red? When was the last time you had red eyes?
I get tears very easily, but I haven't noticed that they get red. Anything makes me cry, though: wind, hot food, sad music, cute kids. It's embarrassing.

3. Have you ever had pink eye? If yes, tell us a bit more about it.
No, but both of my older kids had it a few times when they were in daycare. I wasn't too skilled at administering eye drops but on the whole it was no big deal.

4. What makes you see red?
625–760 nm, same as everyone. I like it when I close my eyes on a bright day and see red for a few seconds.

5. What was the last thing your eyes read (besides these questions)?
A box of Meijers pancake mix. I was looking for clues for a smart way to open it, but I never found one. I ended up opening it a dumb way.

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